Lenskart BLU

Why Lenskart BLU?

Digital devices like phones, laptops, and tablets emit harmful blue rays that can damage our eyes. Once powered by Lenskart BLU, the computer glasses effectively block 98% of these blue rays.

Available with prescription and zero power, they take the strain off your eyes on screen-heavy days. Transform every day viewing with Lenskart BLU.

Reduces headaches

Blocks 90% of the
blue rays

Relieves eye strain

Has an anti-glare

Offers vision clarity

with scratch and dust
resistant finish

Guarantees UV protection

Keeps harmful UV
rays at bay

Upgrade your vision
with Lenskart BLU if you are :

A binge-watcher

An avid gamer

A serial browser

Compatible With All
Frames And Styles

Compatible With All Frames And Styles